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Paolo Marchetti & Elizabeth Heath


For more than 20 years, Paolo Marchetti has been an independent contractor, or impresa edile, specializing in custom stone- and brickwork, tile installation, new construction and renovation. He is based in Allerona, near the borders of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, and much of his work is in and around Orvieto.


He is especially knowledgeable in working with the ancient stone buildings of Umbria, and in renovating and upgrading with respect to traditional architecture and materials. He is a full-service contractor, and can help you coordinate your project from start to finish, from putting you in touch with the right professionals (architects, engineers, etc.) to help develop your design and obtain permits, to realizing your design and vision, to selecting materials and hiring skilled sub-contractors to complete your job. Paolo prides himself on doing high quality, artisanal work at honest prices and in a timely manner. 

Paolo first learned stonemasonry from his father, Giuseppe, a lifelong mason whom he helped each summer while on school breaks. As a young man, he worked with a group of stonemasons in nearby Fabro, where he honed his craft. After a few years, he launched his own business, which has grown steadily ever since. 

In 2009, Paolo married Elizabeth Heath, an American writer who moved from Florida to Allerona to be with him. They have a young daughter, Naomi. Liz helps with marketing Paolo's services, and helps his English-speaking clients with translating, selecting materials, and gaining a better understanding of how business is done in Italy.


Together, Paolo and Liz ensure that your ideas and desires are communicated clearly and executed to perfection. 

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