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 A selection of current and past projects. Scroll down to view all portfolios.

Villa restoration, Botto

Large-scale renovation of 250 square meter villa near Orvieto for eventual use as a vacation rental property. Works include reinforcing structure per anti-seismic codes, raising floor levels and anti-humidity treatment (igloos), opening doors/windows, roof repairs and all finishing work. Project is ongoing.

Condominium, Orvieto

Division of a 19th C palazzo in Orvieto's centro storico into 5 separate apartments. Works include new roof and facade, interior stairs, walls and lofts, garden walkways and finishing work.

Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo di Allerona

Restoration of 17th C church with the aim to reopen the church for services. Works include complete roof replacement, anti-humidity treatment (igloos) in room adjacent to altar, addition of a bathroom, repairing/replacing interior plaster, exterior plaster/paint, and repair/reconstruction of bell tower.

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